Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Hello Everyone,
Here are the details of our UFO weekend.
Hope everyone can make it out, even if it's only for one of the days!!1

The building will be open for drop-in from:
Saturday May 14, 2016-  9:00 am - 10:00 pm ($10.00)
Sunday  May 15, 2016  -  9:00 am - 4:00 pm ($10.00)

The Details:
1) Food:  Bring your own snacks and lunch. Saturday Pot luck dinner at 6:00, We are allowed to use the BBQ that is on site so don't hesitate to bring something to grill.  

2) Games and prizes:  Once again we are playing LRC (Left, Right, Center)  To participate you will need 3 Fat quarters.  This is a non-elimination and fairly quick game in which there is only 1 winner.  We hope everyone will enjoy it and participate.

The theme for this game will be RAINY DAYS  

3)Volunteering:  As most of you know Volunteering is part of our membership....not a lot is asked of you, just 2 hours.  There are a variety of things you can help out with.  here is a short list of some of those ideas:   

Some events you can volunteer for are:   

Farmers Day                                     June 3-5
Canada Day                                      July 1
Blueberry Bluegrass Festival            July 29-31
Cowboy Gathering                            Aug 19-21
City Slickers                                      Sept 23
Harvest Festival                                Sept 24

Other ideas include:

Artifact Research
Town and County History Research
Archiving and Cataloging
Cleaning Artifacts
Cataloging Artifacts
Data Entry

This is not all that is available but it some of it.  Feel free to call or come by and look for something that suits you.  We would like to remind you that you need to fill out the volunteer sheet for the museums records and take a photo of it to send to Caroline so we can keep track of the volunteer hours.  

4) Parking: Please remember not to leave your vehicle at the side entrance, come in unload and move your vehicle to the parking lot...Thank you.

5)  Set Up & Clean Up:   Remember to help out where you can.  The more help the less work for everyone.  Thank you.

6) Membership:  Membership renewal is now available.  We will have the forms and cards ready to hand out this weekend.  $35 for the year.  You will receive a new membership card this year.  

7) 100 Block Challenge:  We will be continuing our 100 Block challenge during this UFO.  If you have been unable to find/ purchase this book, no worries....we will have copies around for the fist few blocks.  This is a great book and the blocks are simple and quick.    No pressure to participate but we hope many of you are interested.  

8)  The Teahouse:  The Teahouse opens for the summer this weekend.  Feel free to stop in for lunch during the UFO it's just for one of the days!

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