Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Pea Pod travelling fabric store will be at our UFO this weekend at 5 pm on Saturday

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Who's Hungry?  wanna fill your plate or toss your cookies??
November is halfway through and we would love to see you!!



The building will be open for drop-in from:
Friday November 25, 2016  - 4pm-10pm
Saturday November 26, 2016  -  9am-10pm

The Details:
1) Food:  Bring your own dinner for Friday night, snacks and lunch for Saturday. Saturday Pot luck dinner at 6:00

2) Games and prizes:        We will play BINGO again, Saturday around 7pm .  This theme will be FOOD or BEVERAGE,   With this time of year comes visiting friends and family and lots of good food and beverages to enjoy over the holiday season, so why not see what everyone can come up with .  Will you fill your plate, toss your cookies, or perhaps find yourself drunk as a skunk after this bingo? 

Volunteering:  As most of you know Volunteering is part of our membership....not a lot is asked of you, just 2 hours.  There are a variety of things you can help out with.  here is a short list of some of those ideas:   

Ideas include:

Artifact Research
Town and County History Research
Archiving and Cataloging
Cleaning Artifacts
Cataloging Artifacts
Data Entry

This is not all that is available but it some of it.  Feel free to call or come by and look for something that suits you.  We would like to remind you that you need to fill out the volunteer sheet for the museums records and take a photo of it to send to Carolyne so we can keep track of the volunteer hours.  

4) Parking: Please remember not to leave your vehicle at the side entrance, come in unload and move your vehicle to the parking lot...Thank you.

5)  Set Up & Clean Up:  Setting up will now be everyones responsibility, as you arrive you can set up your table and as you depart you can put it away.  There are plenty of us there to help out where you need it.  


6)  APFA  (Alberta Parenting for the Future Association) is always looking for donations for their Christmas event where children can shop for their loved ones in a safe environment.  This year we are collecting handmade items to be put on display for children to pick from for their loved ones.  It does not need to be sewn but we do ask that they be handmade.  Items must be handed in before the end of November.
THIS IS COMING UP QUICKLY!!!  Please get donations in quick before time is up.  
Thank you.

7) Canada Day:   As some of you know The Canadian Quilters Association is Collecting 12 and a half inch slab blocks and slab block quilt tops in preparation for the Canada's Big Quilt Bee this June.  Their goal is to make 1000 quilts to donate to Ronald McDonald house for Canada Day.  They ask that blocks contain at least one piece of the
Canada's 150th fabric from Northcott.  Carolyne has the instructions and info to hand out to anyone interested

8)  We know with the holiday season approaching stress can occasionally get the better of us so just a friendly reminder to be respectful of others.  There's no reason to bring negativity and drama with you, when we are all there for the same reason.  To sew with great people.  Each and every member bring more value and experience to the group and there is room for everyone.  


Lets enjoy some festivities the calorie free way ....     WITH FAT QUARTERS!!!   Fill your plate, toss your cookies, drunk as a skunk, Tutti Fruitti, sweet or salty ..... or anything else you may like, There's lots of good food fabric out there, lets see what everyone an find......

Monday, November 7, 2016

There will be no sewing on Saturday November 12, we will return on Saturday November 19th