Wednesday, April 29, 2015

OK Ladies .... May UFO weekend is quickly approaching......  Like usual we will be having out Fat Quarter Bingo and this time the theme is "What Colour Is Your Polka Dot Bikini?"   Bring your favourite polka dot FQ's and Good Luck ...... oh right ....bad news, Tammy is most likely playing this time so play lots and lets try and prevent her from winning.  

Pot Luck again, and remember we have BBQ access, so feel free to grill up something yummy.

Check out the newsletter about our new parking rules and watch out how you enter the grounds as we have to use the back gate now due to some new construction in the area.  

come on out and have some fun we look forward to seeing everyone.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Good Evening Quilters;

Quiet day at the museum today.  So for those of you who were not there today (pretty much everyone)  We have a new PMQG member, Ginny.   I hope everyone helps us by welcoming her with open arms.

Just a quick reminder that next weekend is a long weekend, there for there is NO Sew-in Saturday.

Last weekends UFO weekend went well and we had lots of ladies there sewing.  It was great to see everyone and all the wonderful projects being created.

The block of the month has begun and if I ever figure out how to post pictures I will start sharing everyones wonderful work.  The first couple blocks are started but if you weren't there, no few, it's never too late to join in the fun.

Also there's still room for anyone who wants to join us for the retreat at Rustic Ridge Ranch at the beginning of March.  A few details for games and prize winning opportunities will be finishing up soon and I will let you know if there is anything you may need if you choose to participate.

Also Registration for the 2015 season has begun and we hope to see all of you back for another year.  This year we were able to lower the registration costs to $35.  

Thanks to everyone for making our first year a great one and we look forward to many more years of quilting to come.