Monday, April 11, 2016

UFO Weekend

Hello Everyone,

The building will be open for drop-in from:
Saturday April 16 -  9:00 am - 10:00 pm ($10.00)
Sunday  April 17   -  9:00 am - 4:00 pm ($10.00)

The Details:
1) Food:  Bring your own snacks and lunch. Saturday Pot luck dinner at 6:00, We are allowed to use the BBQ that is on site so don't hesitate to bring something to grill.  

2) Games and prizes:  We are changing things up this time and playing LRC (Left, Right, Center)  To participate you will need 3 Fat quarters.  This is a non-elimination and fairly quick game in which there is only 1 winner.  We hope everyone will enjoy it and participate.

The theme for this game will be Blue/Orange/Yellow  our thought was since you  need 3 FQ's, you could bring one of each in complimentary colours.  

3) Parking: Please remember not to leave your vehicle at the side entrance, come in unload and move your vehicle to the parking lot...Thank you.

4)  Set Up & Clean Up:   Remember to help out where you can.  The more help the less work for everyone.  Thank you.

5) Membership:  Membership renewal is now available.  We will have the forms and cards ready to hand out this weekend.  $35 for the year.  You will receive a new membership card this year.  

6)  100 Block Challenge:  We will be kicking off our 100 Block challenge during this UFO.  If you have been unable to find/ purchase this book, no worries....we will have copies around for the fist few blocks.  This is a great book and the blocks re simple and quick.    No pressure to participate but we hope many of you are interested.  More information will be given out during the UFO

7)  Tutorial:  The lovely Carolyne will be doing another tutorial for us.  This time the project is for potholders:

those who would like to participate, these are some instructions for you to prepare:


cutting directions to make 6 potholders from 4 fat quarters or scrap fabrics

1. cut six 1 1/2" strips WOF {aprx 21"} from each fat quarter or a scrap folder

2. cut six backings:

{ 10" x 11" for hexagon potholders }
{ 10" x 10" for square potholders }

3. cut six pieces of batting to match your six backings.

4. cut six pieces of insulbright or batting to match your six backings.

5. cut six binding strips WOF {most people cut at 2.5" )

Hope you can join us!!!!


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