Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Charity Easter Chicks & Other Marvellous Work

PMQG Easter Charity Project:
Thanks to all who worked so hard at putting together the Charity Easter Chicks during the last few weeks.  This was a great group project and it was so wonderful to see so many of you contribute time and supplies to bring a nice Easter treat and smile to some local adults that are facing challenges, and are often forgotten at Easter time.

80+ Handmade Easter chicks, filled with chocolate eggs, were handed over to the kind folks at Everglades Special Care Lodge in Parkland County. Before they made the trip, however, they had a bit of a day at Gerald McGinn Drilling in Stony Plain. Under the watchful eye of Sheila H., this large peep of chicks had a heap of fun at work.

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It's off to work we go!

Chicks looking good on the job:

Hen Session:

Uh-Oh, over-worked chick:

Quitting time:

Other Charity Things:
Here's a gorgeous quilt that was recently pieced by Sheila Hancock and quilted by Carolyne Stanton, with materials donated by Gerald McGinn Drilling.  This went up for raffle and brought in a large amount of funds to a great club. Wonderful job ladies!

More to come: 

*We'll soon be announcing a wonderful charity project for you all to consider, watch for those details. I think you will LOVE it. 

**I'm gathering up some photos of our member's quilt finishes and will be sharing those with you in the next couple of days, stay tuned!!

May all of your bobbins be full,

PS.  It would be great to know if the comments worked here on the blog, wink, wink. Try it! 

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  1. Great work ladies, fantastic quilt and quilting Sheila & Carolyne!!