Thursday, March 13, 2014

FQ Prizes & Quilt Finishes!!

Hello quilting ladies!  Plenty of fun stuff happening at our Sew-In Saturdays lately.  What, you ask?  Well... a bit of sewing, a bit of ironing, more sewing, OKAY mainly sewing and ironing. Oh, and laughing, and talking, and COFFEE, and making new friends. Throw in a wee bit of using the wrong colour bobbin thread, ahem, and that's us in a nut shell.  But do you know what I am loving the most, ladies? It's how we help each other. How help each other out is just wonderful.

What we've been up to:
Tammy won the door prize we held and won 7 gorgeous, pretty, FQ's from Dragonfly Fabrics in Hinton. What are you going to make, Tammy?

We had some quilt finishes to share last week. Liz has finished her very first quilt top! What an achievement and a beautiful adaption on the Yellow Brick Road quilt.  Love the focal point in the centre.

Joanne Radke brought in some quilt tops to share.  The first one here is her richly coloured Batik quilt that she made for her daughter called "Window of Opportunity".  This is completely Joanne's own design. Way to go, Joanne!

Man i don't remember the name of this one she did, but it is just so pretty!  Joanne, what is the name of it?

Irene brought in her hand quilted wall hanging and the work she has done here is beautiful. We had fun deciding what colour of binding to put on, and I can't wait to see it done.

Bring in your work, ladies!  Let us have a look.

There should be plenty of  fun at this weekend's UFO sewing sessions.  We are expecting around 16 ladies on each day, which is pretty awesome for a Guild that is only 6 weeks going.  See you there!


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