Friday, February 7, 2014

Our First Sew-In Saturday was AWESOME!

I just wanted to report back to all of those who made it out last Saturday and all of you that are still intending on coming to join us that.... our first Sew-In Saturday was a great success!!

We had about 12 members stay and sew, plus another 2 sign ups, bringing our members to 14. A great start for our first day for sure.

The Founders Room at the Stony Plain & Parkland Museum

We were planning on using the resource room where the kitchen is, but just ended up setting up right in the Founders room as it's much bigger. In the future, we will use which ever room is best depending on how many are planning on coming.

There are collections and different pioneer items on display around the Founders Room as well.

Room for everyone, and quilts on display on the back wall.

We set up two ironing boards and 2 cutting mats and there was plenty of room for everyone and lots of room for more to join.

I managed to ruin Carolyne's ironing board cover AND mine.

Carolyne, Sheila, & Dianna put up a few of their own gorgeous quilts up for display.  Here are just a couple of photos of the beautiful quilts. I really could have taken better photos.

by Carolyne Stanton

By Carolyne Stanton
What to bring:
The room was a bit cold to start with, but quickly warmed up, so you will want to bring some indoor shoes and a sweater. There is a microwave, sink & fridge for us to use and we will be making coffee, so bring a travel mug, your bottle of water, snacks, lunch etc.  A tea bag if you want some tea.

The guild has purchased power cords, power bars and a great second hand iron and ironing board. Thanks to Sheila and Carolyne for organizing that.

If you have some quilts or projects that you would like to show the group, don't hesitate to bring them with you so that we can all have a look.

We were all so happy with how the first Sew-In Saturday went.  Great company, lots of laughs and some fab projects to look at too! I hope you all enjoy your Sew-In tomorrow. Carolyne has some great projects planned. Watch this space for our supply list for Feb 22nd's project.

Happy Sewing!

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