Tuesday, January 14, 2014

February 1st, 2014 - Registration Day!!

Hi future PMQG'ers! 

We are working hard on getting all of the details worked out for Registration Day, and one of those items is deciding on a great (optional) beginners quilting project to get the year started. So get your WIP projects ready to bring if you've got them, and watch this space for a supplies list if you want to participate in a fun sewing project for Feb 1st!! 

Plan on arriving at the Stony Plain & Parkland Pioneer Museum around 10:00 am to register for the year. There will be a Saturday sewing drop in fee of $5.00 to use the space.  You only need to pay this on the Saturdays you can make it.  Saturdays will be drop in, so you can come when you can and only the weeks that work for you.

We are working on some ideas for fundraising for our Guild supplies, as well as planning a raffle quilt with proceeds to a local charity.

Some ideas we have for quick (optional) quilting projects on Saturdays are:

- Quilt blocks for the Raffle Quilt
- Grocery Bag holders
- Hot Pads and Pot Holders
- Aprons
- Pin Cushions
- Tote baskets
- Table Runners
- Mini Quilts

Check back here THIS WEEK for the supplies list for our optional Quick Sew Project of the week!


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